Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flying with a 2 year old. SHOOT ME IN THE FACE.

OMG OMG OMG. I almost don't even want to talk about this experience because it was totally the worst thing ever. I had to fly across country with Wyatt alone and it pretty much sucked. Honestly, it was really hard to do and I'm so glad it's over. Some people have asked me to blog about it, and all I can say is what my experience was like. 

For starters, BRING A STROLLER. I was an idiot and thought that I wouldn't use it since Wyatt always throws a tantrum in it anyway... but honestly, I would have preferred to deal with him screaming in his stroller than holding him and my very heavy carry on bag the whole time in the airport. I did let him walk around for awhile, but there was a problem with our seating and for some reason we weren't scheduled to sit together on the plane, so we had to hang out by our gate and wait for the customer service people to call us and give us new tickets. So that meant that we had to hang out in the area and Wyatt was NOT listening. He of course wanted to walk around and run away and just GO. So I pretty much held him for almost 3 hours (on and off) and my arms are like jelly right now. It was terrible. He screamed and kicked and I just stood there wanting to cry. Sorry, this post is going to be a bit dramatic.

Once we got on the plane, I buckled him in and bribed him to be good with Cheezits and juice (I had to buy him a ticket because he's 2). He fell asleep almost instantly and I was stoked! It lasted about an hour, he woke up from the stewardess banging her cart up and down the isle asking people for drinks. FUUUUCCCKKKK. WHY!?!?! Everything went downhill from there. Back arching screams, no snack could ever fix it. I resorted to giving him gum... which turns out he's a boss at chewing. I did bring a bag of random toys he's never seen before, but that only lasted so long too. Seriously, there is nothing that Wyatt wanted than to be free. I let him run up and down the isles a few times to get some energy out, but that was like giving him a little taste of freedom and then taking it away. I also took him into the bathroom a few times to let him wash his hands for fun. I was desperate. I did ANYTHING. But when it came down to it, he just cried and I had to just sit there and be embarrassed. There was a lot of "MAMA I STUCK" being said over and over. 

Luckily, people around me were pretty cool. When it was finally time to get off the plane everyone said it was cool and that he was pretty good. I think it's probably worse for the parent than for anyone else on the plane. But we got through it, and I honestly don't want to fly with Wyatt again until he's about 5. Seriously. OMG. 

Oh, and our 200 dollar car seat that we checked in is lost forever too. LAX lost it I guess. I lost my receipt saying I paid for my luggage and so there was "NO WAY" they could look it up and find it. I was so pissed and tired I just told that woman SCREW it and I'll just buy another one. I didn't even care anymore at that point. Thankfully my brother in law had a car seat already in his car when he got me.

So yep, we're here and that's my big dramatic traveling with a toddler story. I'm sure some people have better experiences, but I sure did not. I think it's mostly because I have a very active toddler that has never been forced to sit still in his life. Sorry if this post freaks anyone out. 

But in other news, I love being in California! 

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