Friday, March 30, 2012

I popped my Disney cherry.

OMG I WENT TO DISNEY! A couple of days ago I met up with my best friend Julie, her fiancé, and all of our billion kids and went to Disneyland! It was so great! I can't believe I'm finally getting to go as an adult. Whatever, it rocked. 

1. Caption EO/Michael Jackson and his sweet dance moves. He "saved the world" with his music and turned robot aliens into handsome mulleted dancers. 
2. Eating a giant turkey leg.
3. Watching Wyatt freak out in fear on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. So funny.
4. Wearing Mickey ears.
5. I loved the "It's a small world ride"! 
6. Very short line wait times! Only about 25 minutes, and sometimes we got on rides straight away.
7. Wyatt actually napped! I couldn't believe it.

Things that bummed me out:
1. Wyatt's impatience while waiting for rides. It wasn't so bad but wrangling a fussy toddler sucks.
2. The cost of food. Booooooo.

The visit was so great and I'm an official Disneyland lover. I'm really excited because I'm actually going back TONIGHT! But this time I'll be kid free. Julie and I are gonna get on all the fun rides that we can't get on with kids. If you wanna follow along and see a bunch of cheesy pictures (because we like to pose with funny typical touristy stuff) follow my instagram or twitter. You can find me on both of those as @irocksowhat.

I can't wait! 

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