Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Josh is here. Don't worry people!

So funny! Many of you asked if Josh was here and why I haven't posted any pictures of him since I've been in California. Wyatt and I flew here first and have been staying with my sister in law, while Josh packed up the house and loaded up the Mayflower and then drove across country to get here. We're all together now and so you'll be seeing pictures of him again. 

The past few days have been pretty fun! Lots of family time and eating bad food. I'm so disgusted with myself! I've gained about 10lb and I'm feeling so yucky. I'm back on Weight Watchers again. I gotta get control! So no more beer. BOOOOOOOO. And yes, I'm running too!

In other news, we're looking for a place to rent! It's really difficult and I'm so intimidated by the cost of living here. I really don't understand how people even do it. Yikes.

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