Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just Write - Being poor, young, and cold sucks.

So, it'd figure that I'd move to California and I'd actually be colder here than Virginia! But it's okay. I know it'll warm up. But all this being cold talk had me thinking about my very first place with Josh and how cold we were.

We moved into this CRAZY terrible house with NO insulation in any of the walls in Federalsburg, MD. This house was absolutely horrid. But the rent was only 500 a month (which was still really hard for us to pay for back when we were only 18), so we thought it was better than nothing.

After realizing that we had a leak in our gas tank, and seeing all our precious heat leak out into the many cracks in the walls and windows, we decided to hell with trying to heat that house. We ended up spending our entire winter in our bedroom with 2 or 3 electric space heaters, a heating blanket, and our little TV. We watched CSI and ate McDonald's from the dollar menu every night (since no one was gonna dare spend time in the kitchen cooking when the house was absolutely freezing). It's funny now, but back then it was such a bummer. Winter's are pretty cold in Maryland. I remember we got snow that year and it was even coming into the house from the sliding glass door... since of course it wouldn't quite close all the way. Oh, good times!

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