Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Write - Being a shitty teenager

My sisters and I were being forced to have our picture taken in the backyard. We really didn't want to and honestly, I was hot and sweaty and just wanted to get a ride to go see my boyfriend at the time. My mom had the idea of the woods being our backdrop, and since we lived on a pretty decently large property, we had to take a bit of a walk to the back of the yard so we could stand in front of some brush.

We're standing there being murdered getting our picture taken, hating life (well I was at least). MUST NOT SMILE FOR THIS PICTURE. Must not act like I love my sisters. Finally we were done and started walking back to the house. YES! THANK GOD! I can go see my boyfriend now! But then my mom tripped in a hole that our dog had dug and she broke her leg. I remember the very first thing I thought was, "FUUUUCCCCKKKKKK I can't go see (FILL IN NAME HERE because honestly, it didn't matter- just a dumb boy)!"

As evil as that was, I really did think how inconvenient it was that my mom broke her leg on the day that she was supposed to give me a ride. Being a teenager is just awful. So selfish. I know not every teenager, but yeah, I was definitely a shit head.

We all ended up going to the hospital with mom, but I managed to get my boyfriend and his friends to pick me up right outside of Urgent Care. Writing this out is all so terrible! I hope Wyatt isn't this terrible to me.

EDIT: If you have a super good story about how terrible of a teenager you were, please post it in the comments. I need to hear them! 

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