Thursday, March 8, 2012

My California Family

I'm a suuuuuper duuuuuper family person. The more the merrier. I like having a big family and everyone hanging out and having fun. Which is why I think Josh's family has seriously become such an important thing in my life. I love how positive they are, even when everyone is acting nuts... they love each other. So cool. 

During my L.A. trip I had a few days to hang out with my in-laws and I loved it! My nephew Kohen and I jumped on the trampoline, and of course my brother in law and I totally killed each other on there too. It was just a really good time and it made me so anxious to finally live out in California. I swear, if anything were to happen between Josh and I, I'd ask for visitation rights to his family. I love them! 

So, I just have to mention that I experienced my first SPAM dinner while at my sister in law's house. Her man made me SPAM with rice and asparagus and I was so into it. He's Hawaiian so it's sorta his thing. I liked it! I can't believe I haven't had it before then. I promised them that I'd figure out a way to bring them some scrapple. I swear I'm going to be so fat soon.

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