Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wyatt is talking!

I haven't talked about Wyatt in awhile. I know I talk about him, but I haven't really really talked about him. He's doing super good here in California. He's been playing and talking up a storm. Being around his family and specifically his cousins has really helped his speech development. He's started putting words together in little sentences and he tells me what he wants pretty much non-stop. And everyone here is understanding what he's saying too, which is really good.

The latest thing I'm dealing with now is just teaching him and his cousin Kohen to play nicely together. So much pent up boy aggression between those two. For starters, Wyatt is pretty much invading on his cousin's toys, and there's a lot of MINE MINE MINE being said between the two of them. It's pretty frustrating and I seriously had a legit headache yesterday. We're getting through it and as soon as this stupid rain goes away, those two are gonna be spending lots of time outside. Playing in the yard seems to help with the fighting. 

Despite their little arguments, they actually play and have fun too! It's actually pretty funny because as I type this I had to get up like 5 times to divide mini fights and keep them from hitting each other. Whew. It's crazy around here.

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