Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Son,

Dear Son,

This is a very frustrating and difficult time in your life. You're 2 and a half and have so much to do and say. Some of it I have no idea what you're saying! But you sure do say it. I try to be patient and listen and satisfy your needs, but I'm not the best at it sometimes... I know you still love me because of how much you ask for me, even when I'm in the room (what's up with that dude? I'm right there!). 

Don't worry though, soon enough you'll be able to tell me more of what you're thinking and feeling. I'm trying my best to guess all those things. Especially when we play that weird torturous game of standing in front of the refrigerator and I'm supposed to guess what it is that you want to eat, and you tell me no to everything but then end up picking the first suggestion (you crazy kid!). 

And you're also trying really hard to understand that Mom and Dad are the bosses, but we do everything for you and out of love. You've lately been telling us we're mean, but we know it's just your way of telling us that you don't agree. We're gonna work together better, it's just gotta take time. 

I love you son and you're the best. I'm so happy that you're in our lives. You crack us up and are so darn cute! I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us. 

Love, Mama 

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