Thursday, April 26, 2012

A happy memory.

I just wanted to share a happy memory that I have of my Dad.

When I was maybe 10 or 11, I told my Dad that I could out run him. Or, if we were to race that I'd win. I felt pretty confident about that since I had been racing at the bus stop at the apartment complex I was living in with my Mom and sisters. I raced the boys and a lot of the times I'd win, so I was obviously the bomb.

He laughed at me when I told him I could beat him. He kept saying, "I'm telling you I'd beat you in a race", and so finally we put it to the test. We ran from the house to the road at my Aunt Tammy's house and he smoked me. My Dad was 6 ft 5ish and had craaaaazy long legs, so I seriously didn't have a chance with my scrawny 10 year old self.

I was partly embarrassed that I was beat so bad, but also kinda proud too. My Dad could run! He laughed and I laughed about it later.

This is one of those memories that I like to think about, and I hope to tell Wyatt one day. I miss my Dad very much and think about him daily.

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