Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Hate/Love Pinterest

Just like all of you, I love Pinterest. But there's something about that site that makes me feel like utter ca-ca. Maybe it's because it's chock full of creative/beautiful things/projects/recipes/people and I can not even begin to live up to it all. In this blogging competitive world, I feel like it's such an awesome outlet for generating traffic, meeting people, and finding interesting things, but it's a real bummer too, right? 

I'm trying to remember that it's okay that I'm not crafty, or that I don't make awesome and interesting recipes all the time. Also, my Target clothes are okay and I shouldn't feel bad that I can't afford whatever awesome neon bag from Milan that's being pinned like cray cray. 

It's cool to be a regular person. It's okay if you don't feel like gluing stuff together and that you'd rather just buy everyone's Christmas gifts (and it's okay if you do want to be crafty! but this message is for those like me who don't! :] ). 

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