Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Easter Post.

Okay, so Easters done and over with. It was super fun and awesome and I'm pretty sure this was Wyatt's best Easter yet. I unfortunately got rid of all the candy though. I just can't do it. My kid goes spastic for it and I'm kinda sick of the tantrums. Are you guys doing anything special with your candy?

We've also moved in with my mother in law now (I was at my sister in law's) and so we're finally all settled in. I have been so OUT of it, it's hard to do this whole blogging thing/running a design business and not be in your own place at the same time. I'm really sorry I've been sucking. But I'm thinking I'll be able to get things done better over here at my MIL's. There's lots of quiet time during the day so that'll be nice.

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter! I love seeing everyone's Easter posts! 

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