Thursday, April 26, 2012

Running tips from the Anti-Expert!

Disclosure- I am in no way a professional runner, and my advice about running is purely based on my own personal opinion and what works for me! So, take with a grain of salt!

I've been asked a few times to blog more about my running, and well, here I am! I sort of try not to heavily bog down this blog with weight loss and fitness because I know not everyone is into that sort of thing, but whatever, here I go.

So, here's a few running tips that I have for those that are interested in running and bettering their run. Quite honestly, I'm not amazing at these things either, I just know it's what I need to do. And when I do them, I have good runs.

1. Do not try to be super fast! Being fast does nothing except tire you out. In fact, running fast doesn't burn the amount of calories that you want. When running, you want a slow and steady pace that you can keep up with. Endurance is key, which is what gets you the distance you want, and then the calories burned!

2. It's totally okay to walk in between your runs. Sometimes I'll run a mile or two, and then walk a minute, and then run again. It's totally fine and great to do this because letting your heart rate lower back down for a bit, and then bringing it back up with a run is awesome for calorie burn! It sort of jump starts everything up again.

3. Get your breathing DOWN. In through the nose and out through the mouth. I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was for me to learn this. Also, make sure you're getting enough air. Sometimes your body will feel weak if you're not getting enough oxygen. I like to take deep breaths every now and then while I'm running and it sort of makes me feel better.

4. Water, Water, Water! You need to be hydrated. And that doesn't mean drink a ton of water before and after your run. That means that you need to be drinking enough water through out the day before your runs so it'll fuel you later. A day of awesome hydration will take you over to the next day. So be mindful of that.

5. IN MY OPINION- it is best to get a running routine down first before worrying about dieting. Now, I say this for a few reasons. For one, it's waaaaaay too much to handle at once. You'll burn out and quit. Focus on running for a few weeks and get your body used to it, and then start cutting back calories. I've found that when I started a diet and a new running routine that I don't have enough energy. Get used to expending those calories first.

6. My favorite thing to listen to is the Pandora radio app while running. I like the variety of different songs and not expecting what's next. It's easier to get my mind off the pain of running and focus on the music and what's going to play next. My favorite station on Pandora is Girl Talk radio. It's so good to run to. Perfect.

7. A few good running apps to keep track of your runs is the Endomondo app and the Nike plus app. Both will tell you when you reach a mile and are very accurate.

8. You don't have to have awesome work out clothes from a sporting goods store (60 dollar Nike bra? Ugh no). I get my sports bras from Target and a lot of my yoga pants/capris from there too. AND, check out the work out clothes section of your thrift store. People are always getting rid of work out clothes. Tank tops and camisoles make perfect work out tops too. And make sure you have some good shoes. It can be a matter of shin splints or not. A good fitting shoe that will allow your feet to swell (because when you run that tends to happen) is important.

9. Try to stay off the sidewalks to avoid shin splints. I run on them all the time, but I think I'm just used to it. When starting off, try to run on pavement or hard packed dirt. Sidewalks are too uneven sometimes.

10. This isn't really a tip but I think it's important to say, running is so great because it's FREE. You don't need to join a gym to do it and you can run pretty much anywhere. There's something awesome about getting outside and just going. If you commit to 1 week of running everyday, I promise you'll be hooked. Believe it or not, running can be very addictive. Good luck!

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