Monday, April 23, 2012

Stuff Wyatt says

I think it's hilarious that about a month ago Wyatt was still not really talking... and now all of a sudden he's blown up with new words and phrases. Being around all these new people has really helped his speech, it's nuts.

I thought it'd be funny to list all the things he's been saying to us lately. :)

1. Mama's mean! Daddy's mean!
2. I can't. (when asked to do anything, this is usually the response)
3. Are you Mama? (Where are you Mama?)
4. I want Mama.
5. Venture Time? (Adventure time?)
6. Nor juice. (More juice)
7. Egg candy? (Thank you Easter for teaching my son that eggs are only filled with candy.)
8. Go to bed?
9. Ya-Yat! (When asked what his name is.)

10. And he also knows a bunch of colors, letters, and numbers too. He can recognize the letters O and R, and he knows the number 2 but can now count, but mostly out of order.

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