Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Come and make out with me.

Oh God. It happened. The magical unicorn of all that is never sick has finally fallen ill with a terrible plague. I am siiiiiiiiiiiick. I actually went to the doctor's yesterday (:::::GASP:::::) because I couldn't take it anymore. She gave me some good stuff too. Some awesome cough syrup that makes my body feel all throbby and numb. I can see the appeal you drug addicts. So I'm sorta floating right now as I type this.... floating away into this brain numbing abyss of NOT coughing up a lung all night, because yeah, I did that the night before. Pretty sure anyone who lives within 30 miles of Los Angeles is sick right about now. What is happening to us? 

So sorry if I'm even more distant than normal (because lets face it, I suck at emailing at tweeting and commenting back, I know I know). But I am out of commission. Totally and completely out of it. My body is saying "NO. JUST NO."

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