Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting Over Blogger's Block!

I don't know about you, but the business of blogging can be very challenging. Especially when you live your regular everyday life and you're not out doing fabulous things. It's hard to think of good content that will keep your readers engaged. And honestly, I suck at it! It's so easy to throw a cute picture up of your kid and call it good.

So I started to think about the blogs that I love and what has me so interested in them. And then I decided to compile a list of things that I could do to make my blog more interesting. AND THEN I THOUGHT, why don't I share this list on my blog, so we all can have interesting blog content!? Win/Win.

So here's my list of possible blog topics that will get us all over blogger's block.

1. Talk about real stuff. Talk about you. Get personal. Talk about your struggles of day to day life. Readers love to know more about you, and no matter what kind of blog you have, it's always good to let the reader know who's actually writing this stuff.

2. Share something you've learned, or maybe even give some advice. We have so much to learn from each other, mind as well share it. Have you recently figured something out? It doesn't have to be crazy profound, and maybe it does? Just teach us something.

3. List your favorite things! I love lists! Make a list of your favorite products, favorite places to eat, best 90's alternative albums... whatever. Make a list and share it. Sometimes I love reading a mindless list. We can't always be so philosophical.

4. A day in the life! I've been really meaning to commit to one of these posts. They're very interesting. Maybe even post a picture for every hour in the day (that you're awake). Or, maybe get a friend or your spouse to document you throughout the day?

5. Tutorials! Bloggers love a good tutorial. It's what we live for these days. Maybe you have something that you want to glue glitter all over and you need to share how you did it? Tutorials are fun.

6. Do a tour of your town. I love reading about cool little towns and about the interesting hole in the wall places there. Do you have an interesting coffee shop in your town that you'd like to talk about? Or maybe a cool house with a cool story? I don't know. This could be an interesting post.

7. Do a review. Did you just try an awesome new product that you'd like to share about? Maybe list it's pros and cons and then let the reader decide? I'm always trying hair and make up products. I should probably start talking about them.

8. Do a vlog! It's great. No editing (well, maybe some if you like to do video editing) and bam, you just upload your video to youtube and then post it on your blog. I like vlogs and find it so interesting to hear and see what my favorite bloggers sound/look like. It's a great way to be more relevant to your reader.

9. Post a survey. Maybe you'd like to know what sort of demographic is checking out your blog? Maybe you'd like to just know if your readers are coke or pepsi fans? Surveys are really fun and I freaking love to do them.

10. Post your favorite links from the week. I like to do this on the weekends to sort of wrap up my week. I'm always seeing interesting stuff on the interwebz that I'm sure everyone needs to see. For example, maybe a hilarious LOLcats picture or something from

11. Post an FAQ about you. Ask your readers to ask you questions and then answer them. Maybe you're getting asked the same questions all the time? Make an FAQ post for new readers to refer to. It can be in-depth or just plain fun.

12. Do a best of post. You know what your highest trafficking posts are. Make a list of those with links for quick and easy reference.

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