Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gross sleep face.

FACT: I have a fear of people seeing me sleep. Okay, I guess not a FEAR since I'm posting a picture of me sleeping alongside Wyatt... but I am a little insecure of someone seeing me actually sleep LIVE. Like Chelsey from The Paper Mama. We shared a hotel room (AND A BED!) when we attended Alt this past January and I was sooooooo worried I would sleep with my mouth completely wide open and drool would pour out and she'd roll over and just be like, "GROSS!" Because those things TOTALLY happen every night and my poor husband has to live with it. Thankfully our hotel room was pitch black and I was still on East Coast time so I woke up before everyone every single morning. Whew.

The picture above was taken yesterday morning from my beloved husband who likes to make fun of Wyatt and I's very similar gross sleep faces. We sleep similarly and it's so funny. Notice Wyatt's lip sticking to his tooth? Yeah, so gross/funny. Poor kid. 

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