Tuesday, May 1, 2012



This past Saturday I got some tickets to go to Stagecoach from Toyota (I'm part of their TWIN network and also the Clever Girls Collective), so I took a bunch of friends with me and we had a blast. Where do I even start? Well, it was hot. Like, hella hot. We were out in the desert (Indio, CA) and I think it got up to 106 that day! Everyone was passing around sunscreen like it was nobody's business. It was kinda cute actually. Friendly people at Stagecoach I tell ya, I was asked by random strangers if I wanted beer, sunscreen, or whatever else. Such a good time.

And you don't even have to like country to go to Stagecoach! There was such a fun hang out vibe, everyone was awesome. I like bluegrass and more old school country though, so there was plenty of stuff for me. I even got to see Chris Isaac which was the highlight of my LIFEEEEE. 

So if anyone plans on going next year, bring lots of sunscreen, bring lots of money for water, wear a backpack to stick all your crap in, and make sure you have money for beer! Guaranteed good time! 

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