Thursday, May 3, 2012

Teaching him the good stuff.

It's important to me to teach Wyatt how to love and respect animals. I used to work for the SPCA and became witness to the most terrible animal abuse cases (I worked at the shelter that got all the Michael Vick pitbulls).

Teaching Wyatt to love and respect animals has been something we do whenever the opportunity presents itself. I want him to feel like I did as a kid, and save every little frog, snail, and rollie pollie bug he sees.

Once when I was about 8, I remember seeing a kid seconds away from stepping on a frog (ON PURPOSE) at recess. It felt like my body was moving faster than the speed of light. The next thing I knew, I had ran over to the boy, swooped up the frog, and was high tailing it across the recess field and then over towards the fence that kept us all locked in the school yard. I slipped the frog through the chain link fence, all while the herd of gangster thugs (okay, 8 year old mean boys) caught up to me, totally pissed off. I was scared that they were gonna beat me up, but I was really proud of myself at that moment. That I'd save a little frog no matter what was going to happen to me by those asshole kids.

And that's what I want for my boy too. To be proud of his actions, and to love all things, even a little frog (or snail!). 

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