Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm gonna say it, and I don't care... I HATE THRIFT STORE SHOPPING. Well, no, I don't hate it. I hate what it's become. The joy of the thrift is no longer there for me. Because thrift stores have become GREEDY. How do you get off taking DONATED items and charging half of what the item would cost at full retail? 8-15 dollar jeans just because they're "name brand"? I saw a freaking 25 dollar Ann Taylor dress a few days ago. I agree that the dress would have probably been 100+ dollars at full retail, but it is NOT new, and it was DONATED. It was used. WORN. No matter what, shopping at a thrift store is nothing but full profit for the thrift store. 

I'm just really bummed out about thrift stores. It's actually cheaper for me to shop Target clearance most of the time than the freaking thrift store. Oh, and don't let them get an item that looks REMOTELY vintage, because that shit is gonna be pricey. Avocado green tea kettle? Nope. You're gonna pay 30 bucks for that thing. Pyrex? HAHAHAHA yeah right. Good luck with that one. 

I know I need to start looking at estate sales and yard sales and junk, but I just miss being able to go to the thrift store and scoring big time. I feel like those days are pretty much over. 

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