Friday, May 11, 2012

What a morning with Wyatt looks like.

Here's a little inside peek of what my mornings have been looking like this week. It's mostly waking up around 8:30 to Wyatt telling me he wants string cheese (he asks for it all day), and then making our way outside for him to play. I usually just let him hang out in his diaper since it's been so warm and nice. I hang out on the steps with him while he draws and doodles with chalk and I drink my coffee. It's a nice little routine we have going and I find myself really enjoying it. We play music from my iPhone and I tell him to draw random things (which is funny because all he does is make lines but I act really impressed and excited anyway). His favorite things to "draw" are "choo choo tracks" and "mom-mom's truck". But they just look like lines, it's cute. 

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