Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bleach Dye Technique - Join the Hipster Club.

Are you sad that your clothes aren't "hipster shitty" enough? Can't afford to shop at Urban Outfitters? Do your friends judge you because your clothes are from Target and Old Navy? Well look no further! I will show you how to grunge up your look!

What you'll need?


Fill your spray bottle with straight bleach. Don't dilute it with water. I tried this and it took me very long time to get the desired effect I was going for. When I used straight bleach the results were faster and more effective.  Spray your clothing in the areas that you'd like the "bleach look". For different effects, try rolling your clothes up (think tye-dye) and then spray it. I preferred just spraying my clothing, but I'll definitely try the tye-dye technique sometime. 

When your clothes are done drying after being sprayed with bleach, make sure to watch it separately from your embarrassing "normal" clothes. You don't want the bleach to get on anything else. And you're done! VIOLA! Enjoy hipster heaven. 

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