Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day was celebrated.

I am so thankful for my husband this Father's Day. He is a super hands on Dad, and I really appreciate him so much. I can always count on him to handle tough situations, which he always takes on with care and sensitivity. He's an awesome father to our son Wyatt, and teaches him so much about how to be a good person.

When I was pregnant with Wyatt, I always prayed that Wyatt would be outgoing like me, but have Josh's heart. I'm so happy to have a husband that can teach our son how to love.

Plus, Josh is hilarious! Wyatt will always know that laughter is the best medicine, and can count on his dad to make him happy and laugh.

I feel so blessed this Father's Day. I hope you spent yours with someone you love!


I also wanna say that I love and miss my own Dad this Father's day. The past couple of Father's days have been weird not being able to call him. My heart ached to talk to him. 

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