Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I bought a Mophie, and I really like it.

So about a week ago I bought a Mophie Juice Pack Air from Target with very little knowledge. I was nervous about making the purchase because it was 79.99 and I don't know about you guys, but that's a lot to spend on a phone case/charger. But, I knew I needed SOMETHING to help me because GOOD GRIEF!!! I probably use two iPhone batteries a day.

After using this thing for a week, I can honestly say that it's very awesome and I'm so happy I purchased it. It's totally worth the money. I've heard of people buying them for 99 cents on ebay and stuff, but I'm obviously an idiot and would rather just blow my money. Whatevs.

Okay, so how it works-

It's a charger that is also an iPhone case. You slip your phone into the charging part, just like you would your actual charger at home. Theres a little button on the side that turns the Mophie on or off, I keep mine off until my phone is around 20 percent, and then I switch my Mophie on and it'll charge it up to around 95-99 percent... Which is pretty freaking good! I'd say you can expect to get about an extra 80 percent of battery life with your Mophie. And that's coming from me, a very active instagramer/facebooker/tweeter type. So I'm doing all those things all while I'm charging my phone. If you were to sit and let the Mophie charge your phone without messing with it too much, the Mophie could easily give you an extra 90 percent of battery life.

A really awesome thing about the Mophie is that you charge your phone while the case is on. I like to use most of my actual iPhone battery, then use my Mophie battery, and then once both are pretty depleted, I plug my Mophie into the wall like I would normally. Mophie has a power cord that you can use with your regular iPhone charger (but, it has a different port than the normal iPhone). The usb side of the charger is like normal, so you can still plug into your computers and iPhone chargers. Bam, convenient. You can even sync with iTunes with your Mophie on.

As far as charging goes, the Mophie and your phone charge at the exact same time. I was curious if the phone would charge first and then the Mophie or vice versa. It's pretty good technology because everything does it at once.

You can choose to keep your Mophie on all day and it'll just take longer for your battery to die, or, as I have found, it's better to let your phone get down to 20 percent and then start charging. It seems to prolong your battery life my way than just leaving it on. But you could do either one. I've read from others that they just turn their Mophie on in the morning and leave it on all day.

But do I feel like my phone is protected? Hmm... yes. I have to admit that I forget that this thing is a case. It looks a lot like my phone already, although it does add a bit of weight and length to my iPhone. But, I actually like it and find that it's a lot more comfortable than my thin, hard edged iPhone. While I haven't tested how much it would actually protect my phone (uh, how would I test that?!), I think it would protect it generally pretty well.

The biggest reason I wanted a Mophie was because of always using Instagram and of course going on all my random travels. I'm easily bored at airports and am constantly scrolling through Instagram and uploading/commenting on pictures. Plus, at blogging conferences there's not always access to chargers, and if there is, I don't want to be stuck hanging out with an outlet. So the Mophie is definitely the way to go.

(NO I WAS NOT PAID TO DO THIS REVIEW. I truly just love my Mophie and wanted to share with you guys how awesome it is.) 

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