Saturday, June 30, 2012

I have a good baby-daddy.

Wyatt and Josh have such an awesome and unique relationship. I'm so happy and stoked and blessed and unicorns and sunshine and bunnies and rainbows about their bond. They wrestle and cuddle and talk and it's all so wonderful to see. I didn't know how good of a dad Josh would be, but he's even better than I'd imagine. He's very loving with our son, and isn't afraid to show him affection and tell him he loves him. THAT is more than anything the best thing to me. It's so completely wonderful, and I'm sure that this post is just so fluffy... but I don't give him enough props. He deserves all the praise for his bad ass daddy-ness.

Yesterday Wyatt helped Josh shave his insane beard down a bit. It was just way too sweet not to capture like a crazy mom-paparazi, but c'mom! This was a moment that mom's WAIT for. Wyatt thought it was all pretty cool and shaved some random chest hairs too. He sorta just went buck wild with the clippers... shoulda been there. 

I hope everyone's Saturday is a good one and you all win the lottery or something!

Don't forget!!!


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