Sunday, June 10, 2012

I like movies.

I like movies, you like movies? I like movies.

There are a few movies that I'm more than just excited for, I'm FREAKING out for. Like, I'm desperately praying that God will please flash forward life so I can please see them sooner.

Here they are.

1. Rock of Ages.
I am a FUHREAK for musicals.

2. The Great Gatsby.
Okay, this movie is so beautiful looking. I love all the classics but with a modern touch trend that's going on. 

3. Les Miserables
I WILL LITERALLY DIE WHEN I SEE THIS. I KNOW ALL THE LYRICS TO ALL THE SONGS. I remember having to sing all these songs in chorus in high school.

4. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer
There is probably no movie out there as unique as this one.

What movies are you excited for? Or better yet, what's your all time favorite movie? Hook me up with your recommendations! 

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