Thursday, June 14, 2012

Interview Question- How is your blog a reflection of yourself?

How is your blog a reflection of yourself? 
What do you think people assume or know about you by looking at your blog?

This is an interesting question and honestly, it takes me a minute to figure out the answer. I'd say that YES, my blog reflects how I am as a person. I tend to do and say whatever I want on here. I'm generally like that in real life, even when I try not to. I'm always being controversial, mostly because I don't even realize or recognize that I am. Lately I have been finding that this is very challenging for others in real life and I'm trying to diligently pay attention to this quality that I have. Josh and I have had many talks about boldness to say and do whatever I want, and what I've come to realize is that I am very laid back and think nothing is a big deal, even the things I do and say. I'm pretty sure my blog reflects all of this. 

I think people assume by looking at my blog that I'm always so confident. I actually second guess myself a lot and feel super insecure about the dumbest things. I know my blog is called IROCKSOWHAT, but it was mostly just a joke and if I knew that this blog would have gone anywhere, I would have probably thought a little harder about the name :) . 

Feel free to answer these same questions on your own blogs. It's a good way to reflect. 

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