Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sorry to be away!

Oh hey, remember me? 

Yeah. I've been living it up the last few days with my home slice Chelsey from The Paper Mama. We spent the last few days in Hermosa Beach watching crazies walk around the board walk. We shopped and ate and laughed. Love that girl! 

Some things you may not know about Chelsey-

-She always ups me in the style department. I showed up in jean shorts a t-shirt and of course she was wearing something awesome and vintage and cute. UGH.
-She curls her eyelashes.
-She wears a lot of sunscreen. #ALABASTERFORLYFE
-She cray and likes to do spur of the moment things. Hence why I love her.
-She likes pickled onions? I don't know. She just told me that. 
-The friendliest and most easiest person to hang out with ever! Seriously. She's friends with everyone!

Okay. Now I'm off again to finish my weekend! I hope everyone is having a good one! And remember I'm offering discounted ad space! To see more about it go here. Thank you so much! 

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