Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthday present ideas for a 3 year old.

EEEEEK. My baby is turning 3 in October and I'm already thinking about his birthday. We're not big on having a lot of things, so we usually just get him one big present. It's also really important for me that we get him a present that won't get chunked in a few days. So far, the above gifts are in the running. All of them he has a serious interest in that involves more than an hour of his attention span. The only thing is, who knows if he'll still be into these things in October, but I have a good feeling he will be.

1. KidiZoom Plus - From what I've read, it's voted the best kid's camera. It's also crazy pricey (119.99 on Amazon), but, from the reviews, it's worth it. It takes fantastic pictures and is super durable. Plus, there's games on it. What do you expect, vtech always has great products. Oh, and Wyatt is super into taking pictures with my iPhone. He'll grab the "cam-er-uh" and then exclaim, "SAY CHEESE" and then snap away.

2. Ikea Mini Kitchen (Duktig) - Wyatt is CRAYZAY for this mini kitchen from Ikea. It's pretty much the reason we go. He likes to make me mac-n-cheese or cheese pizza. His cousin has a little plastic kitchen set and they're always filling up little pots and pans with sand and pretending to make soup. I know first hand how fun it is to play cooking. It was one of my favorite imaginary games.

3. Razor Black Label 2.0 Scooter - If you've been following my blog long enough (or my instagram), you'd know how GOOD my kid is at bikes and scooters and stuff. He's already riding an actual bike (with training wheels) and scooting around on his scooter. He's actually moved on to use his cousin's Razor and is just as good. So, we think we might get him a Razor of his own.

4. Backyard Safari Wet-Dry Bug Habitat with Light - BUGS. Kid can't get enough. We catch them, he's always getting stung and bit and whatever, but he still goes back for more. I think it'd be cool to get him this habitat to imprison his little bug buddies.

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