Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Come get a temporary tattoo from me at #Blogher and other things ( #blogher12 )

Surprisingly enough, I am not nervous about going to BlogHer. I think it's because I'm feeling more comfortable with where my blog is going, and who I am as a blogger. I figure, whatever, I am who I am. I might not be a big DIY blog, or an awesome fashion blogger, or my blog might not look beautiful, but I like my blog. It's mine and I created it and it's strictly what I want. I'm not limited to any sort of subject matter... because my blog is about ME (THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH DIY BLOGS AND FASHION BLOGS... I HAPPEN TO LOVE THOSE KIND OF BLOGS).

I am excited about BlogHer though, but I'm feeling super calm about it too. I'm not counting down the days, and I'm not thinking about it 24/7. I really do have a sense of confidence as opposed to my nervousness back when I attended Alt Design Summit. This post is not supposed to come off as arrogant (I really hope it doesn't), but I just wanted to share my feelings. I'm happy to meet lots of people, and I think that's what makes me the most excited. I like meeting people!

//////When I'm at BlogHer I plan on meeting as much people as possible! I'll also be there on behalf of Oreck, so hit me up about winning a VersaVac if you're interested (more info to come). 

Oh, and I'll have temporary tattoos to pass out... so let me know if you want one when you see me!////// 

/////I designed these myself (sad that the blue wasn't very dark in IROCKSOWHAT, so learn from my mistake). I had them made at Tattoo Sales online. They're super professional looking and last a long time. I've been wearing this tattoo for about 4 days and it's still holding up strong./////

Back to confidence- lets face it... it's hard to know what to expect at these conferences. I think because I've attended Alt Design Summit and a few Toyota Blogger meet ups I've learned a few things. Before I'd go, I'd be all nervous about looking "put together" enough. And yes, I do still worry about that (but thanks to Julie I'll have a bunch of accessories and a sparkly dress to borrow!) but the truth is, we're all different and we all have different styles. It's best to just dress the way that makes you the most comfortable and happy. I didn't buy any new clothes for BlogHer because I like my clothes and I think it's what makes me, me. I'm wearing hand-me downs and thrifted stuff and things I already own. Pretty much, if it's my favorite outfit, I'll be wearing it at BlogHer. So yeah, there will be jeans.

Dress given to me from Maryam of Pamplemousse1983

But, unlike Alt Summit and all the Toyota meet ups, I'm reallllllllllllllly effing nervous about leaving Wyatt. Maybe that's what's keeping me from going to the moon and back with excitement? I think it's because he's communicating like crazy and straight up asks for me all the time. And yes, I was very sad about leaving my boy for all the other conferences, but this time it feels very different. I'm anxious about it. I know that his concept of time is a lot better and that 5 days will feel very long for him. Or maybe not? Kids will surprise you. The last few Toyota meet ups were kinda hard for him. My husband texted me a few times telling me he had a couple meltdowns asking for me. I'm really hoping he doesn't do that again. But, what should I do? I know I deserve to go out and do something for myself.

Dang, this post is random! But these are all things that I've been thinking about as of lately. I'm wondering if there are any other people in the same boat as me about BlogHer and being away from their kids and about what they're wearing and what they're doing and who they are? If not, okay. Ha! 

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