Monday, July 23, 2012

Finding the rental of our dreams.

So, yep, we're house hunting. Just to rent. And it's CRAAAAZZZZYYYY hard to find a good rental in southern California. At least home rentals... and there's nothing wrong with an apartment, but we've just got our hearts set on the space of a home. 

Lately we've been hanging out in my father in law's garage and Josh and I are digging the fun "adult" hang out time. We shoot darts and watch TV and oh gosh, I would love to have that for us all the time! In reality, we know that we'll probably have to settle for an apartment, but that doesn't mean I'm not desperately searching craigslist and every single house hunting app there is. I have my fingers crossed (and toes) for a possible HOUSE to rent. It could happen... right? Maybe? UGH.

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