Monday, July 16, 2012

I yuv yoo

Lately I've been forgetting that Wyatt was ever a baby. Sometimes if I sit and focus really hard, I can sorta remember what it was like. But usually I'm just in this toddler/kid world of bike riding and cheese pizza and laughing on the playground- that with each passing day, the baby past is disappearing from my mind.

I like to think of everything that once was with Wyatt, his whole infancy, as this crazy other life. I've changed so much since then too. We were both totally different people.

And who are we now? Still mother and son, but a more experienced Mom and a more comfortable kid. We had such a rough start, I won't ever forget that... But the details are what's fading. Maybe this is why people start having more kids right around this time? They forget any of the unmentionable early infant frustrations.

I'm extremely happy where I am now, and I think Wyatt is too. As I type this on my phone in my dark bedroom, Wyatt has his arms wrapped around my neck (I'm an awesome multitasker). He's asleep, but just before he finally dozed, he said "I yuv yoo" and kissed my cheek. The baby times are over.

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