Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Off to #BlogHer12 where I will hug people!

(Omg, I had to steal this from Chelsey. She made this in honor of us going off to BlogHer. It's probably the best thing I've ever seen. Oh, did you see the one she made of us when we left for Alt Design Summit?)

Yep, I'm off to BlogHer! I'm so excited to finally meet some of you! Please, say hi to me! Because honestly, I suck at figuring out faces and well, I'll be awkward and need friends. Send me a tweet! @IROCKSOWHAT

This is my very first BlogHer! Last year I didn't even understand what the big fuss was about. A conference where bloggers get together? Wha? That's weird! But now I totally get it! I'm stoked! I'll be rooming with very fabulous chicks - Jenni, Chelsey, Torie, and Stephanie. Please check them all out too because they're pretty. 


A VERY SPECIAL THANKS GOES TO MY SPONSOR ORECK! Those guys are the ones sending me! They seriously rock and I genuinely love that company. Make sure to check back here soon because there will be a very special Oreck giveaway coming soon.

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