Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#Picfx app review!

So, I've started using the Picfx app on my iPhone (I think it's only an iPhone app) and I am so over the top in love with it. There are SO many filters, and you're able to adjust the opacity of each filter. They have everything from classic filters, to vintage, to urban, to cross process, to whatever. I mean, so many. 

I love how magical it makes a simple cell phone picture look. This app is 1.99 and totally worth it. The only bummer is that you're limited to a square photo... it'd be cool to have any photo shape. 

If you end up downloading it and using this app on instagram, tag me (@irocksowhat)! I'd love to see the creations you guys come up with. I've been into all the bokeh options. Yay for app love! I am a nerd. 

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