Friday, July 27, 2012

Random festival? Check. Food trucks? Check.

Yesterday evening Josh and I went out to visit Julie in La Habra. We ventured off to the park and discovered some sort of random festival going on... so, of course we checked it out. There was a crappy  band and bounce houses and food trucks. But being the lamewad twenty somethings that we are (eh, we have kids), we thought it was a good enough time for us. Wyatt loved it too!

Speaking of food trucks, I can't get enough of that shiz. I'm pretty much a food truck virgin. I've never really had a good food truck experience, so this was extra exciting for me! I was really interested in the Bite Me food truck based out of Orange County. I had teriyaki chicken sliders and they were ERMAGHERD good. Yeah, gooooooood. You can follow @BITEMEFOODSBIZ on twitter (and NO, no one paid me to say that or asked me to, I just really liked that food truck.)

We also took advantage of the delicious funnel cake that one of the stands were selling, I can't remember who it was. But it was great! Wyatt had an unhealthy amount of it and was even licking the powder sugar off his hands. Oh, and also there was candy apples. That was more of Josh and Julie's thing. I'm not a candy person. They seemed to throughly enjoy it though, as I'm sure you can tell from the above picture.

God, I love that there's always fun things to do around every corner here in California. It's so different from what my my life was like on the east coast (well, my small town life on the east coast at least). I was telling Julie last night how I think Wyatt is having the most fun he's ever had now that we've moved to California.

Anyway, hope everyone is having an awesome Friday! I plan on dieting all day today, and then I'll probably just break my diet by Saturday. AMIRIGHT?

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