Friday, July 13, 2012


I get really nostalgic when I look at pictures from waaaaaaay back when Josh graduated basic training. It feels like it was a lifetime ago. I think we look like little kids. We had no idea what the military was going to be like, but we were hopeful and excited. 

Josh spent a good 6 months in San Antonio, Texas because of his basic training and then his tech school was there. I remember flying back and forth from Delaware to Texas to visit him. I would get so excited to see him! Visiting San Antonio was like a vacation... and now, I have the most fondest memories of that city. I still fantasize about living there, but of course I only know the vacation aspect of San Antonio. I'm sure when you get down to it, it's just like any other place and life gets just as mundane. 

These pictures are really special to me because it was back when we were apart for the first time ever. Little did I know that we would be apart so much more in the upcoming years because of deployments, but that's all over now. I can't believe how many life changes we've had in our almost 8 years of marriage (our anniversary is October 8th). The people in the above pictures had no idea that they'd soon be parents, that they'd move all over the place, or even imagine what life would be like OUT of the military.

I happen to like change and find it really exciting. I look forward to all the new things we're doing, and now with our son Wyatt in the mix things are even MORE interesting. 

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