Monday, July 23, 2012

Rental Sweet Rental free printable!

So yes, everyone knows I like to make free printables... but do I actually print any for myself? No. Why? Because I'm lazy! But, I want to start. 

I was randomly searching through pinterest and saw the "Rental Sweet Rental" print by JudyTheJazzCat (looks like her shop is closed down and her print is no longer for sale) and I thought how I'd like to make that for myself. And then I sorta looked and saw that it's been done a million times, so I didn't feel so guilty stealing it. 

So I made two different prints, and I can't decide which one I like better. But I definitely like both. If you'd like to download them, go for it! 

For full resolution of the grayish wood print- CLICK HERE. (Will print as large as 25.5x33, or a simple 8.5x11)

For full resolution for the green chalkboard print- CLICK HERE. (Will print as large as 25.5x33, or a simple 8.5x11)

Feel free to pin these too! 

I'm so anxious about getting a place to live and I can't wait to make our future rental a little home. :)

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