Monday, July 30, 2012

Steppin' Out Saturday! Kids should be catapulted.

To all my toddler owning friends - let's all go ahead and give each other a hug (and a high five) for having toddlers now. Things just got awesome I know how much Wyatt loves rides. I already knew he liked rides, but this past weekend confirmed how much he LOVES rides. I got on rides with him that quite honestly I was scared of. The kid got on tilt-a-whirls and mini roller coasters and even this crazy log ride that had a seriously crazy drop. He loved every minute of it and wasn't scared. He was concerned a few times that he would fall out of the seats, which honestly was a possibility because we were at Castle Park in Riverside and that place had the most ghetto old rides ever. BUT WHATEVER, builds character I say. All kids should feel the fear of potentially being catapulted from a theme park ride. 

I'm linking up with Mandy today from Harper's Happenings for this Steppin' Out Saturday post. 

What I wore-

Dress- H&M
Flip Flops - Target
Pearls - Borrowed from Julie

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