Sunday, July 22, 2012

Steppin' Out Saturday - Mini blogger meet up!

Saturday I had a little mini blogger meet up with my friend Maryam from Pamplemousse1983. It was super cool and relaxed. We met up at Downtown Disney and walked around for a little bit... but then we sorta wussed out and ended up taking in the free air conditioning of a Disney hotel. It's been pretty hot in Southern California. 

One of my favorite things about meeting other bloggers is meeting their kids. Maryam had her daughter Margaux with her and she's like a little celebrity in herself. We're always taking pictures of our kids that you sorta feel like you watch them grow up through photos. Margaux was very sweet and charmed everyone around her with her smile and cute little baby legs. 

Since I was going to meet someone I thought it would be best to not show up with my stretchy pants on, so I actually got sorta dressed. Really? I didn't go all out, but I tried to put on pretty make up and accessorize a tiny bit. I suck at being a girl sometimes. 

What I wore:
Tank - F21
Jeans - Target
Flip flops - Target
Belt - Gap
Scarf - Target

If you stepped out at all this past weekend, link up with Mandy! 

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