Friday, July 20, 2012

What is vanity?

Recently I heard some gossip that someone thought I was vain. And while at first I thought, "What? That's stupid!" I then thought about it and realized that in this society, women who have any self pride are often looked down upon. Even by our own sex it is not accepted. I personally think this is really wrong. Yes, I do have some pride in my self. I lost a lot of weight, I try to take care of myself, I like to look and feel presentable. That doesn't make me vain though. 

Vanity by definition (I googled that shit) is "the excessive belief in one's own abilities or attractiveness to others". I think the key word here is excessive. I'm trying to be the best I can be. In my opinion,  a behavior or belief becomes problematic when it prevents normal functioning. Liking clothes, playing with makeup, feeling happy from your own reflection, genuine love for your body are all healthy, normal behaviors. Doing any of these things to the point of obsession, now you're entering the Vanity Zone. It’s imbalance, fixation, compulsion, and strong feelings of superiority that make a person vain. Thinking you're pretty is not wrong. It should be accepted.

Having a blog that focuses mostly on ME and what's going on in MY LIFE will seem vain to some. I think we all should take a minute to realize that talking about ourselves, liking the way we look, having PRIDE is great! So so so great! I only WISH I had this sort of pride as a kid/teenager! I would have excelled so much more at things and would have had the confidence to go onto bigger and better stuff. Instead of labeling a woman as vain, I think we should admire their pride and try to attain that in our own lives. 

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