Thursday, August 9, 2012

Awkward Photobooths! Blogger crack. #BlogHer12

Chelsey once told me that photo booths are like crack to bloggers. I was new to this photo booth phenomenon. I figured I'd like it, but I didn't realize how gravitated I'd be to a dark booth and a flashing camera light. Now, when I see a photo booth, I look at my blogger friends and I say, "WE MUST TAKE ALL THE PICTURES IN THE BOOTH." And then we go and do that. It is my crack. It's very true. 

And what's funny is that if someone pulls a camera out in a non-photobooth situation, and I'm left standing there hoping I look semi-good... it feels weird and awkward. But photo booth? It's great! You can look ridiculous and it's just awesome. We can hide behind props, feel more comfortable being ourselves. I'm a huge advocate for photo booths if you can't tell. 

The best part of photo booths is having pictures with you and your friends. I'm pictured with a bunch of my favorite ladies- Chelsey, Torie, Jenni, and Diana. Also, I'm still not sorry for the overload of Blogher posts. 

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