Sunday, August 5, 2012

DIY Glitter Heels!

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So, if you haven't ever SEEN the price of glitter heels, let me just tell you - they're expensive. I was just looking at a pair of heels for 50 bucks which is probably not the most expensive, but still too pricey for my budget. My sister said she saw a tutorial on the oh-so-wonderful pinterest, and so I'd thought I'd give it a go. All credit for today's post goes to We Are Not Martha.

The total cost to make these heels was 18 dollars and some change (also I owned the heels so I'm not counting that in my costs). I wonder if I could find some cheap glitter heels for that price? Yes, probably. My dilemma is that I'm a whopping size 10! and there were no size 10's to be found in my Forever 21. Big feet girls have problems.

You'll need:
Mod Podge
Glitter (I couldn't find a light gold at my craft store so I mixed white and gold glitter)
Clear glaze

Mix the glitter and the mod podge together, I did it on a plate. Then start applying. My best advice is to use a decent amount for your first coat, but try to keep your coats generally thin. I found that applying more coats was better than just caking it on. Thinner coats will leave your shoe not so chunky (which mine kinda turned out to be).

And as you're applying it, you'll probably be like, "WHAAAT? THIS LOOKS CRAZY!" but don't fear. the mod podge definitely dries clear and the glitter will be the only thing that comes through. This technique can be used on even colored shoes! My shoes were a faux leather brown!

After each coat let it dry for about 25 minutes. It'll dry pretty fast. I actually used a hair dryer to help things along. I ended up using about 4 coats on my shoes. I probably could have and should have stopped at 3 but I wanted to make sure that absolutely no brown parts of the shoe would bleed through. 

The next day I sprayed them with the clear glaze. I wanted to let these shoes dry over night, totally not necessary but I'm careful. I sprayed them A LOT with the glaze.

How are they holding up? I'm telling you, this glitter is going NO WHERE. I can rub them with my hand and there's no glitter to be seen. So that's always good! No one wants glitter all over their house. I'm also able to bend my shoe easily and it's as if these shoes were already covered in glitter.

So, if you're needing cute shoes on the cheap, check out this fun DIY.

And Wyatt thought they were cool too!

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