Saturday, August 4, 2012

Free Photoshop Actions that look like Instagram!

Yay for free photoshop actions! On pinterest the other day I saw these FREE INSTAGRAM lookalike photoshop actions. I knew I had to try them since I'm a huge lover of the instagram. So, I went ahead and threw each action on my SOOC picture so you all can see for yourselves (the actions download also comes with all the neato instagram borders that we love so much, but I chose to not use them).

Things that I've noticed about these actions that you'd might like to know-

1. They are not customizable. It's just a flat action that you throw on a picture. What you see is what you get.
2. Just like regular instagram, these filters only look good in natural light. They're a bit extreme (but instagram filters are generally pretty extreme) in indoor lighting. In fact, I personally wouldn't use them if the lighting is bad.

If you have questions about how to install these actions, the link to download them explains how to get these to work on photoshop as well.

Good luck! And happy editing!

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