Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I might have been an awesome Mom yesterday.

Yesterday was one of those days that I felt pretty on top of things. And no, I didn't shower but that didn't seem to matter. I felt super present for Wyatt AND managed to get design work done. I have no idea how I managed to balance both, but I did. I need more days like yesterday.

What did we do? Well, we grocery shopped at two different stores, we had multiple snacks and meals, swam in the pool, had paint time, had sticker time, played outside with the other kid's in the apartment complex, AND took a bath. In between I've done a few design projects, answered emails, and now I'm blogging (and Wyatt is sitting on my lap!).

Don't you love that satisfying productive work day feeling? Not gonna lie, feeling pretty badass right now. Am I supermom? Okay, just kidding. I hope I can keep my mojo.

Did you guys have a good Monday? I'm feeling pretty good!

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