Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I will babysit your kids.

My best friend Julie and I have an understanding that we'll be there for each other. We have each others backs, and so when one of us needs the other, we try really hard to help (within our means of course). Julie was in such a bind, needing someone to look after her girls. Her husband was out of town with work and the baby sitter fell through. AND, Julie needed someone to watch the girls all day since she was flying out and getting her other daughter from Utah. So, we had a sleepover! 

It was actually pretty fun and the girls were super good. We had a few rules like, "PLEASE DO NOT JUMP AND HANG ALL OVER JOSH", but with a little bit of resistance, they managed to obey. There were times I kept thinking, "I don't know how Julie does this everyday"... because honestly, I don't. I love those girls, but I can't imagine my entire day being nothing but managing three sisters. Sisters are the worst when it comes to fighting! Trust me, I know. I have two! 

My favorite thing about being over there yesterday was seeing Josh interact with little girls. He would of made a good Dad to a little girl. He told them they were all pretty and was very patient with their need to be loving and affectionate with him. I know boys are loving and affectionate too, but Wyatt kinda sticks to me a lot so Josh doesn't get ALL the attention like he does over at Julie's. 

Josh told me that hands down, the cutest thing to ever have happened to him was with his experience with Bel. She's almost 3 and the littlest one. Bel noticed that Josh had a bruise under his thumbnail. She was so concerned and wanted to "help him". So, she pretty much played doctor for about 20 minutes, using water to "rub medicine" on his thumb. He was so touched by her! I thought it was sweet when he told me about it later. Aw. Josh would be a good dad to a little girl!


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