Monday, August 13, 2012

@SocialLuxe party! #Blogher12

The Social Luxe party was probably the coolest unaffiliated BlogHer party I went to (yeaaaaaah, I'm still talking about BlogHer, .......ugh don't hate me). I don't know, it just had a cool vibe. For one, everything was purpley-pink and I just dug that. It felt fancy, that's for sure. And not that I'm even into this sorta thing, but one of those New York Desperate Housewives was there and that made it feel kinda cool too. I don't know. I'm easily impressed I guess. 

Here's a video that I stole from the Social Luxe blog. This accurately depicts the night.

Plussssssss, I was with fraaaaands! ::::: Enter warm, fuzzy feelings here. :::::::

Pictured: Jenna from Blogged Bliss, Torie from 25 Designs, Chelsey from The Paper Mama, and Morgan from The 818.

Interesting fact for those of you curious about this party, IT SOLD OUT IN 11 SECONDS. And yes, I was one of those lucky psychos that sat on their computer and hit refresh for 10 minutes waiting for Social Luxe to tweet the link letting everyone know that tickets were up for grabs. I don't know how it happened, but I refreshed, clicked the link, entered my info really quick, and BAM, had tickets. Some of my other friends who were literally doing the same thing as me (refreshing a bajillion times) weren't as lucky. Isn't that crazy? A party selling out their tickets in 11 seconds? It was definitely cool and the swag was even cooler. But even without the swag, I'd still want to go to this party. It was really fun! 

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