Saturday, August 11, 2012

@ThePaperMama 's GIF tutorial and a moving update!

Look at this amazing gif Chelsey created of me while we were in New York. I think it's freaking amazing. It's about 15-16 photos taken on a continuous speed. If you want to learn how to make awesome gifs like this, seriously, check out her tutorial HERE


In other news, we are MOVING! I'm very excited about it. Our moving date is August 25th and we'll be moving to West Covina (duh, in California). I've been living with family since March. I love and appreciate everything they have done for us, but we gotta face the music- we all need our space again. I just hope I can somehow repay them all for their generosity. Maybe I'll invite them all to swim in our pool? Because yes, we have a pool. 

Here's some pictures of the place. No, this is not our furniture.

Hope you all have a good Saturday! 

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