Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things are lookin' up.

I am happy to announce that Wyatt is doing much better about this whole moving transition. He only asked a few times this morning (okay, screamed and threw a temper tantrum) to go to Target, but for the rest of the day he's been chilaxin' and enjoying his new home. I'm feeling a lot better about it. 

I've been taking everyones advice from THIS post and have been entertaining and distracting him as much as humanly possible. It's really been helping. Lately a big "go-to" has been asking him which toys he wants to bring in the bath. It's been really helpful in distracting him from the issue, and he's getting a bath! Win/Win. Oh, and painting is a big hit.

As for Josh and I, we're feeling AWESOME! We love having the space again and have been really super lazy. Well, we're still doing work, but we're staying home more. Today we only left the house to buy a broom! I'd say that's pretty good.

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