Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tired Mom Birthday Gift

My BFF just turned 28! She's a Mom of 4! And boy is she tired. She gets up crazy early and manages her household like it's nobody's business. Honestly, I don't know how she does it. I can handle a weekend or something, but having 4 kids everyday would exhaust me. She rocks.

I wanted to get her something that I thought she could use... and that would be a little bit DELICIOUS as well. 

So that's how I came up with:

Doesn't that just seem so delicious and what you want this very second? I got everything at Target!

Basket : $5
French Press: $9
Coffee: $7
Syrups: $4
Half and Half: $3

$28 bucks total and a pretty inexpensive gift (sorry if you're reading this Julie! I feel like you out of anyone can appreciate a frugal gift!)

Ways you could totally save on this: just reuse a basket you have lying around? Maybe you already have an extra bag of coffee lying around? I dunno. 

And lets talk about the French Press. ERMAGHERD. I am a believer! I freaking love using mine and I plan on giving French Presses out as gifts to anyone who doesn't have one... because everyone NEEDS one. I can't wait to give Julie her gift! 

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