Monday, August 20, 2012


I am not awesome at remembering to watermark my photos. Mostly because I'm lazy or I think, "No one is gonna steal this"... and for the most part that is kinda true. But you never know, there are some LEGITIMATE crazies out there.

Here's one.

That is my friend Mandy's son, and that "Lola" person stole her picture and posted it all over some weird social website thingy (kinda like Facebook I believe), claiming it is her son Tyler. Sure, that's totally weird... but if you're a mother and that is YOUR son, that will irk you to the BONES and fill you with uncontrollable rage. I feel for Mandy, I really do. This was back when she wasn't watermarking close enough to the face (her words). She wrote a really good post about watermarking and then THIS happened. Here's her post about how frustrating it was for her to see her son's picture on someone else profile. 

Another example is this picture of Kingston:

All I had to do was search "Chalk Crown" on Pinterest and it's tons of little Kingston's. His mother Shawntae didn't think to watermark and now she's seeing his picture all over the place. It's even being used for product campaigns in other countries... and she gets zero credit. This picture has pretty much gone viral, and I'm sure some of you have even seen it. I knew it went crazy when my own step mom tagged me in a pin for a photo shoot idea (because it's so cute). Shawntae sees her son's picture used as avatars all over instagram.

This doesn't have to just stop at pictures of our kids, watermarking is important if we want to receive credit for anything we do.

I have a recipe that was viewed over 40,000 times before I thought to watermark it. The picture of the cookies I made is one of the most pinned items from this blog (pinned thousands and thousands of times), and it's out there, being repined over and over without my watermark. That is my fault. Mostly because it was a quick thing I threw up on this blog, just to get a post out. It's an instagram picture and isn't very good... but you never know what will STICK. Watermarking is very important, if anything to protect ourselves and our work. Learn from my mistake! 

Watermarking doesn't have to be just for photoshop people. You can use gimp or even microsoft paint for all I care. Just make sure there's a link back to your site/blog on that picture, and make sure it's clear enough and in a place that will make stealing the picture difficult. The reality is that if someone really wants your picture bad enough, they'll probably take it. But don't make it easy for them. In this world where we can pin almost anything, you need to have something to show that the photo belongs to you. 

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