Saturday, August 25, 2012

We're moved in!

EXCITING NEWS EVERYONE: We are officially moved in our new apartment. Well, our stuff is within this apartment I should say. Quite honestly, we're in over our heads with organizing. For some reason we packed random pieces of paper and an endless amount of chargers (WHAT DO THEY GO TO?!?!)

I apologize that this post looks strange. I'm currently blogging from my phone and on my bed which is in the middle of the floor of our room. I'm surrounded by boxes of clothes and there's a box fan blowing on me, but everything just feels perfect. Think good thoughts for my family and I as we unpack a bajillion things for the next couple of days. We're struggling with fitting our stuff in this 928 sq ft apartment. Yep, tiny.. Have I mentioned how expensive California is?

Anyway, hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. We're having a tiring but very rewarding one!

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